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Self-service in your B2B eCommerce platform? What you should know?

Businesses especially those involved in the manufacturing industry are constantly flooded with a platter of questions regarding the quality and the consistency in the quantity of the products they’re creating. The process they implement is under constant scrutiny. Whether or not they are following standards and protocols to ensure quality products that is safe for consumption and utilization is always a concern.  

Now it’s not possible for the business operators to answer each and every question that the customer raises. If they will occupy themselves with resolving the questions, how will they manage the business? This is where an interactive technology that can build and strengthen communication between the customer and the business comes into play. This interactive technology icalled the web self-service system. And this enabled in a B2B E-Commerce platform it can prove beneficial in ways more than one.  

self-service system makes the consumer, in charge of how they want the services to be rendered. This way they will get the exact answers to their specific questions. Did you know that 88% of respondents to a survey in the US said that they expect the business to have an online self-service portal? Some of the events which should be self serviced to help both the consumer and the business are: 

  • Creating list 
  • checking order status 
  • checking the inventory 
  • paying the invoices online 

Having the self-service option in your beta platform will: 

  • Give you an insight: 

self-service system comes with a built-in analytics tool that provides information on the consumer’s shopping behavior. This way you can get data on the most common questions among your target audience base. You can promptly work on that and resolve them effectivelyFurthermore, you will also get data on what your target audience wants from businesses operating in your industry. In case, you do not have that in your services, you can work on that particular product and offer it. This will boost customer retention and loyalty.  

  • Minimize the cost: 

Customer service executives a dedicated to ensuring that consumers have a smooth shopping journey. But with the self-service system enabled, these CSEs don’t have to worry about these low-value activities. their time knowledge and expertise can be invested in processes that will help the business steer ahead like upselling or cross-selling. a self-service e-Commerce platform will further reduce the time and energy that goes into billing, account changing, customer acquisition, and activities like these.  

  • Boost revenue: 

On an e-commerce platform without the option of self-service, the consumer will have to rely on the customer support team to get answers to the questions. this perseverance can result in them moving onto another platform and thus your business losing revenue. On the other hand, a self-service-enabled e-commerce platform empowers the consumers to take control in their hands and quickly find answers to their specific questions, with ease. This will stop them from going to your competitors and enhance the revenue.   

Analysis suggests that a significant amount goes in emails and calls to respond to the customers’ queries. With a self-service portal, this will reduce exponentially, thereby increasing efficiency 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Let your consumers take charge of their shopping journey!