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Why should you integrate barcode scanners with ERP?

If there are technologies that can work wonders for the businesses operating in the manufacturing industry, they have to be barcode scanning and enterprise resource planning. While ERP streamlines and simplifies the business processing, cutting down the operational expense, boosting productivity with automation, barcode scanning provides real-time data, minimizing the possibility of error and improving inventory control. But did you know that you can leverage from clubbing these two technologies?  

Yes, using as an alone entity you are only taking advantage of half of the potential that these technologies have. In today’s post, we bring to you ways in which your manufacturing business can benefit from integrating barcode scanners with ERP. 

Minimized cost 

ERP will allow you to automatically gather data, which means the barcode data will be made immediately available to the ERP solutions. This means no longer have to assign this task to the manual force. Furthermore, based on specific ERP transactions, the barcode solution can also generate labels and launch print jobs. This will minimize the cost associated with workforce allocation, administrative tasks 

Furthermore, since an ERP gives you clear visibility of the inventory system, that will give you the freedom to make more well-informed decisions regarding inventory management, thereby reducing the possibility of manual errors and incorrect shipmentsSave on the cost of order returns, chargebacks, and other handling expenses with a barcode integrated with an ERP system.  

Enhanced visibility of the inventory 

With a barcode integrated ERP solution, you get accurate inventory data during receiving, shipping, put away, or picking. The ERP solution will be empowered to make a well-informed decision with the real-time data of the inventory in hand. This same data can help the business operator with production, delivery, production planning, and more. This can also help the sales team better communicate with the customers with the right data.  

Maximized accuracy 

With a barcode solution, you no longer have to manually enter the data in the system. Similar is the case with the ERP, which facilitates automation to take care of the repetitive manual tasks. The integrated system thus maximizes the accuracy of the data collection and improves overall efficiency. This integrated system can further improve error proofing of the labels, and the possibility of misprints.  

Improved customer experience 

A barcode system that is getting real-time data from the ERP and feeds real-time data back to the ERP solution will ensure timely delivery and accurate shipments. This will thereby improve customer’s response time and service. With the barcode integration, you will be able to populate real-time accurate data that will empower the employees to do a better job, thereby strengthening the business’s performance.  

When integrated with a cloud-based ERP system like Acumatica, your barcode scanning technology can make your business more productive. Furthermore, it will streamline the operation for efficiency and profitability.  

But an ERP will deliver positive results when the implementation is done right by a team of ERP professionals like those at Tayana Solutions. We will implement a leading cloud-based ERP solution for small and medium scale businesses, Acumatica.  It comes integrated with barcode scanning technology for improving accuracy, productivity, and efficiency. This will thus empower your business with more strength to deliver an enhanced customer experience.  

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