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Why you should have a recipe management system in place?

An integral component of process manufacturing that makes it different from discrete manufacturing is the recipe. A recipe involves how to add the components that make the products, and in how much quantity to make the final product 

Such is the gravity of its impact that businesses operating in the manufacturing industry, from food to pharmaceuticals have started investing in a robust recipe management system. A recipe management system follows a methodology that standardizes the recipe. It thus keeps a check on the quantity and the price of the components that manufacturers use to make the product.  

In today’s post we are going to look at the benefits of having a proficient recipe management system in place: 

  • Easily calculate the cost of the material: 

A recipe management system will help you analyze, manage, organize and value the recipe in an efficient manner. You will be able to keep a check on and furthermore, calculate the cost of the materials which you add to the recipe. Acumatica ERP comes with a recipe management system. This will thus help you make a wellinformed decision regarding purchasing the supplies, using the material, and controlling your budgetary cost.  

  • Enhanced analytics: 

It documents all the details in one place and you will be able to gather the information. Thus this will help you reduce wastage and the possibility of loss. Thereby, it will strengthen your bottom line. Acumatica ERP comes with a recipe management system. Thus you will be able to save significant time and money on administrative tasks. Furthermore, you will deliver a consistent quality of products to the consumers.  

  • Boost transparency: 

A lot goes into creating the right recipe and ensuring the same consistency in the product throughout. Take, for instance, getting the materials from the suppliers, ensuring proficient inventory management, production, etc. Acumatica ERP comes with the recipe management system. It thus acts as an open system that you can easily integrate with other management tools like order management. Therefore, it will ensure streamlining in business processing.  

  • Ensure flexibility 

Regulatory bodies keep updating the laws, standards, and norms as the manufacturing landscape changes. Thus it is important for the businesses in the manufacturing unit like food, to make sure their recipes are in compliance with these norms. Acumatica ERP integrated with a recipe management system offers this flexibility. Therefore, it quickly adapts to the changing recipes and recalculates their nutritional value automatically.  

Our Acumatica implementation will ensure secure access and strengthen you with the ability to create multiple versions of the formula for maximum productivity and profitability.  

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