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Biscuits Manufacturing

A Biscuits Manufacturing Recipe for Success with Automation

In today’s competitive market, biscuit manufacturers face a variety of challenges.

Consumers expect consistency in taste and quality in the production of biscuits, regardless of their source. This expectation comes not only from large grocery chains but also from small bakeries. 

Those not involved in making biscuits have little or no knowledge about the complexity of their production. The difficulties include keeping the right flavour, texture, shape and decoration.

Moreover, maintaining an excellent gross margin is difficult even under the best circumstances because commodity prices fluctuate and delivery costs are variable. An effective way to strike a balance between running an efficient operation and producing quality products is with cost-effective biscuit manufacturing automation. 

ERP manufacturing software is designed to automate the supply chain process for biscuit manufacturers, saving them time and allowing them to gain more authority over their operations. This can lead to increased profits for companies using the software. 

Assured Quality Control

To ensure consumers’ safety and to protect themselves from liability claims, biscuit companies need to guarantee that their products are safe. To prove the quality of their biscuits, manufacturers must test them before distributing them. However, product testing takes a long time and requires automation systems to assess the biscuits’ quality quickly.

Biscuits manufacturing automation software offers a built-in quality control module that allows manufacturers to develop and apply quality tests at various levels of the supply chain, record the results of those tests and only allow the processes to progress to the next step if they pass the relevant quality tests.

Guaranteed Compliance Management

Biscuit factories must be prepared to meet constantly changing laws and regulations. Thankfully, manufacturing automation software helps with this aspect of the business by allowing firms to monitor and trace the material flow from raw materials to final products. The program also supports speedy recalls and bi-directional traceability. Additionally, it allows firms to perform physical and nutritional property analyses on their products.

Biscuits Manufacturing
Biscuits Manufacturing

Accurate Recipe Management

It goes without saying how crucial it is to follow the recipe when making biscuits. Using the appropriate formula guarantees that the finished products have the desired consistency, flavor, and level of nutrients. Not only using accurate recipes but also paying attention to small details helps biscuit producers consistently maintain their production and quality.

Assured Quality Control

Acumatica is aware of the need for biscuit manufacturing automation. Therefore, its ERP system was designed to meet this need by recording, maintaining, securing, and retrieving recipes.

In addition, the ERP captures the desired nutritional and physical property values. Utilizing a recipe management system can help ensure accurate recipe management.

Effortless Inventory Management

Biscuit factories often base their production on the capacity of their machinery and their customers’ current and future demands. Having a large number of perishable goods is another obstacle they can overcome by using automation software. Furthermore, biscuit factories must keep minimal inventories and make detailed production plans.

In addition to handling unit-of-measurement conversions and calculating lot strength, an ideal biscuits manufacturing ERP software would support inventory tracking, shop floor scheduling, and manufacturing planning and control (MRP/MPS) functions. These functions would optimize purchasing raw materials to avoid long-lead inventory shortages and excess inventory wastage.

Accurate Cost Analysis

Biscuit producers are focused on reducing costs and waste, and they use an ERP system to help them do so. The system allows manufacturers to securely monitor and evaluate genuine material, labor, and other expenses spent in each manufacturing batch. The monitoring process takes the uncertainty out of the process. It eliminates it by keeping track of overdue payments if any, together with historical records of consumers which becomes helpful in assisting manufacturers in identifying chances for cross-selling and up-selling products and services. 

Today, biscuit makers must contend with customer demands for high-quality products and respectable gross margins. In addition, rapid and continuous production may result in varying quality. Acu Process Manufacturing offers solutions for biscuit producers to cut off various critical business activities such as sales, buying, finance, R&D, quality control, production and many more. 

Tayana Solutions offers end-to-end software consulting, including e-commerce, production and quality control. We specialize in the process manufacturing industry and understand the unique challenges our clients who work in this domain face.