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bill of material

All you need to know about Bill of materials

Bill of materials is a list of materials that are crucial to manufacturing a product like parts, items, assemblies, and the instructions required for gathering and utilizing the required information. It includes instructions on how to assemble different parts to make a product.


Every manufacturing business, regardless of the scale and size, or what they are manufacturing starts the process with a bill of materials. Since the goal of the BOM is to ensure that the building and packaging of the product is right, there are several details that you should keep in mind when structuring the bill of materials. The list of information should include BOM level, procurement type, unit of measure.

But before you create the bill of materials, its important that you answer the following questions:

Who is going to use your BOM records?

You don’t know who all are going to see the BOM, so it’s important to keep it as detailed yet as simple as possible.

How will you attach files to the BOM record?

Make sure to add CAD drawings, instructions, and other documents associated with that BOM.

How are you going to reconcile the BOM record?

Your BOM might go through a series of iteration, which is why it is important that you have a way to distinguish between the different versions that have been created over time.

Are you going to document the consumables in the BOM record?

Make sure that every part that goes in the manufacturing of your product goes in the BOM like glue, stickers.

It is important to understand that though Formula can be used for packaging as well, with the Acu Process Manufacturing solution, we have decided to keep it separate.

Our Process Manufacturing embedded ISV solution, Acu Process Manufacturing gives you the power to define various factors such as:

Multiple Level workflow-

You can thus define and manage multiple levels of the workflow involved in the packaging, labeling, and marketing process

Revision Control-

Hence, you can keep a tab on the revision made in the processes involved in setting up a Bill of Material.

Manufacturing Instruction-

Define and manage instruction for every employee involved in the process.

BOM Type:

Define which stage of BOM is the components- assemble, intermediate, finished goods.


Define the consumable and the quantity of which you would be using in the BOM process.

Cost Stds and Overhead-

Define what is the standard cost and overhead cost associated with packaging, labeling, and marketing

Backflush Material-

Define a method to use for packaging and labeling orders

Embedded Quality Control –

Define and implement a quality control system for the BOM process.

Our Acu Process Manufacturing Solution is an ISV embedded solution that comes with a host of features like those mentioned above to simplify the complexity of manufacturing processes and ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

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