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Acumatica embedded and connected solution

What is Acumatica embedded and connected solution? (Part 2)

In today’s blog post, we will shed light on embedded and connected solutions. Thus, the major types of ISV solutions that are a part of the Acumatica ERP environment


But before we start, let us understand what an ISV Solution in Acumatica Marketplace is.   

Any independent organization or an individual that develops, markets, and sells value add-on for ERP is termed an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in Acumatica Marketplace.   

What is the type of ISV Solutions?  

  • Connected solution  
  • Embedded solution  
  • Composite solution  

When the solution communicates with the Acumatica only through the Acumatica ERP web service application programming interface. Thus it is a connected ISV solution. 

But when the solution extends the Acumatica ERP features by using the Acumatica framework and Acumatica customization tool. Hence, it is an embedded ISV Solution.  

The composite ISV solution combines both. This is to say that it adds traits from both embedded and connected ISV solutions.   

Tayana’s ISV  solution, Acu Process manufacturing (APM), is an embedded ISV solution that is build using the Acumatica cloud xRP platform.  

Acu Process Manufacturing seamlessly integrates with other Acumatica ERP modules. Whether its like Finance and Distribution while adding robust Process Manufacturing modules like Formulation, Packaging (BOM), Production, Quality, Properties, Compliance, EHS & Data Collection.Thus, it enables you with the ability to effortlessly manage different manufacturing processes like using formulas or recipes. Hence, be it for blending or mixing Bulk/IntermediateContainerizing – Filling Bulk to Containers, Reworking, or Repackaging.  

Acu Process Manufacturing integrates quality control with Purchase, Production, and Sales transactions,  Compliance, and EHS is integrated with Production and Quality. 

Acu Process Manufacturing can be of use to a plethora of industries best suits for Process Manufacturing industries. Take, for instance, Food and Beverages, Chemicals, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and other process manufacturing companies.   

Wondering how Acumatica and APM works?

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