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Cloud ERP for Nutraceuticals Manufacturing Industry

Regulatory agencies tighten controls over nutraceutical manufacturers to ensure they adhere to good manufacturing practices while producing their products. As a result, consumers have greater assurance that the products they purchase are safe and effective. To remain competitive, manufacturers must make cost-effective, high-quality products that last longer than those produced by their competitors. Moreover, innovations in food technology have revolutionized the way nutraceuticals are produced and delivered. For example, multivitamin candies for children have become very popular in recent years. Manufacturers of nutraceuticals have paid much attention to branding their products with innovative packaging that appeals to consumers’ sense of taste and design. 

Why is cloud-based ERP beneficial for Nutraceutical Manufacturers? 

Acu Process Manufacturing (APM) has developed a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that supports the core business processes in Research and Development, Product Development, Production, Quality Control, Costing, Traceability and Regulatory Compliance. It helps manufacturers eliminate paperwork errors, sort their documentation and streamline the manufacturing process — reducing operating costs, speeding up information distribution, and enhancing product quality and process efficiency. With APM ERP, businesses achieve adaptability, agility, accountability, reliability and scalability—the way to profitable growth. 

Nutraceuticals ERP Software offers the following features: 
  • Manufactures soft gelatin capsules/tablets/powders, etc. 
  • Planning and procurement of raw materials 
  • Supplier/vendor management 
  • Compliance Related documents management 
  • New products development feature 
  • Quality Controle & testing with samples 
  • Master Data management for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 
  • Quality Assurance Management as per CGMP norms 
  • Product formulations management  
  • Simplified Inventory Management for materials like potency, classifications, date of expiration, Lot size Controle and multiple Unit Measurements 
  • Main output product and by-product management  
  • Continuous Batch Monitoring & Inspection Management features 
  • Electronics Executions of SOPs by inspection 
  • Various Batch Ticket and Weight Sheet Management 
  • Batch Record Management Features 
  • CAPA: Corrective and Preventive Action feature  
  • Material Substitutions and Raw Material Inventory Management 
  • Planning for Material Requirements 
  • Scheduling Feature for Productions Process 
  • Highly effective supply chain management 
  • Accidental/Incidental Event Recording 
  • Multi-Level Analytical Dashboards 
  • User Role-Based Accessibility  
Benefits of Acu Process Manufacturing Cloud ERP Software for Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing 
  • Improve the quality, consistency, and speed of drug delivery 
  • Manage costs by reducing waste 
  • Maintains your formula 
  • Ensure strict compliance with the regulations 
  • Accurate business decisions management feature 
  • Respond to customer demands quickly 
  • Improves operational process flow and enhances profits. 
Decision-Making Factors: 

Tayana is an ISV partner of Acumatica. Using the xRP platform, it has built an extension to Acumatica called Acu Process Manufacturing Suite. This process manufacturing software extension has complex and comprehensive features specific to Process Manufacturing. Tayana extended the Inventory Module of Acumatica to suit the process manufacturing. It leverages the robust Accounting, Sales & Purchase capabilities of Acumatica.