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How a cloud solution can help with disaster recovery?

It is a task to set up business, no matter how big or small. But to keep the business running, you need a strong continuity plan. What is a continuity plan, you ask? It comprises of the strategies of how you will move ahead, and most importantly what to do in the face of adversity?

What if your IT system gets compromised?

Do you have a robust protection plan? 

How will you make sure your data is safe and secured or can be easily recovered in case of an emergency?  

Wondering why do you need it? 

Well, because if the reports are to believed, 70% of the organizations in US face IT disruption. This makes having a disaster recovery plan at your disposal even more crucial.  

Looking for more reasons to invest in a strong disaster recovery plan? 

  • A minute manual error on your employees’ part and you might end up not only losing customer but your brand’s reputation forever. While periodic training programs can minimize the possibility of human error, but there is never the surety of it. Then why not invest in a credible data backup and disaster recovery system? 
  • You will never know when a natural disaster might hit your business. You might end up losing significant data, damage your IT systems. And its not that businesses resume working immediately. It takes significant amount of time to recover from the tragedies, to bring back all the aspects of business to complete operation. Having a disaster recovery plan can help you get back without losing out on your business 
  • After your business is shut down for a prolonged period, due to whatever reason it has been, you might have to stop serving your customer. But with a disaster recovery plan in place, you no longer have to worry about it. The quicker you get back to replying to your customer, the more profitable it will be for your business.  

Now you know why having a proper disaster recovery plan is important. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that you understand we no longer live in a world where a traditional disaster recovery system will work. The vulnerabilities have grown beyond scope and we need strong cloud-based solutions such as those proffered by Tayana’s cloud professionals.  

With a cloud-based disaster recovery plan: 

  • You no longer have to invest in an on-site or offsite hardware system. They are highly prone to hardware failure or damage by natural disasters. Being hardware independent makes recovery and back up quick, easy and cost-effective.  
  • You no longer have to dedicate a team, money, or additional resources to maintain or update the traditional hardware system. After installing a cloud-based disaster recovery, upgrades and maintenance will be easily managed. Thereby ensuring efficient operation.  
  • Since unlike the traditional disaster system, the cloud system operates on the principle of remote management, data recovery happens at a significantly faster rate and with higher accuracy.  
  • The best part about investing in a cloud disaster recovery plan is that you can back up data geographically. Moreover, you only have to pay for the resources that your business use on-demand.  

There is no doubt in the fact that cloud-based disaster recovery system is a cost-effective and relatively more productive option. We, at Tayana Solutions have a team of technical experts that will help you by creating tailored cloud-based disaster recovery solution for your business.