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Strengthen data security with a cloud-based solution

Up until now, the cloud was considered an option by businesses, big or small. But the pandemic hit the global market. It affected how businesses changed how they will operate, implementing cloud-based solutions has now become a necessity.  

More and more companies are moving to the cloud after realizing its potential to offer benefits of higher magnitude. But there are still skeptical lots that are apprehensive of this technology’s ability to safely store data.  Security benefits are the USP of the cloud-based solutions, as data safety and security get magnified with cloud implementation. We bring to you these advantages in a more elaborate manner for your understanding.  

  • Security Patch management 

Cloud-based solutions facilitate easy patch management that promptly identifies missing patches and efficiently manages them for all the systems within a particular network. Patches are important to make sure that the system is safe from any security or privacy vulnerabilities. It is important to periodically check for and implement security patches to prevent any malware attack. When done manually, patch management becomes a tedious and erroneous process. Patch management system provided by cloudbased application improves data security, boosts productivity. Hence, it significantly reduces downtime.  

  • No data loss or error 

Since there is no physical data or manual involvement the possibility of any loss or error is next to zero. Furthermore, the data is stored, accessed, and exchanged from a single place. This makes the job a lot easier for the employees and thus strengthens their overall efficiency.  

  • Data encryption 

It is not uncommon for employees in today’s time to access exchange and share information from different devices like a mobile, laptop. But this makes the data vulnerable to a breach of privacy or leak. But the cloud-based applications provide employees with the platform to access and share data in a safe and secure manner 

With close to 38% of the businesses migrating to the public cloud and 41% to the private cloud, it is safe to say its benefits outweigh the paranoia amongst the naysayers. 

The world is switching to the cloud for enhanced data security. When will you? 

Whenever you decide to, Tayana’s team of technical experts are available at your beck and call to guide you through the transformation for a quick, easy and comprehensible journey to the cloud, so that your data is safe and secure to the best standards.