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How Acu Process Manufacturing makes external document access easy? 

How Acu Process Manufacturing makes external document access easy? 

Looking for an ERP solution that facilitates quick and easy external document accessibility? 

Tayana has got you covered! 

It is the norm in this cloud-based world for companies, big or small to store data in bulk on the cloud platform. Some of the renowned cloud platforms are DropboxSharepoint. These channels make storing data, easy, safe, and secure for businesses as they are one of the most efficient 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software 

Now, what does a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software is? 

A 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software: 

  • Meets the requirement and general guidelines of the FDA. This is the way to ensure reliable and validated electronic records and signatures.  
  • Ensures strong document control and management 
  • Must have a system in place for security. This makes it mandatory for the users to access to fill in and validate their credentials to access the data.  

This way it helps in maintained integrity of the documents, thus stored.  

But wouldn’t it be a hassle for you to manage the files at two separate places? 

Imagine having to look up first on your software and then on your ERP system. 

You will have to allocate multiple resources for the maintenance of the files.  

You will be overcrowding your ERP server by migrating so much of the data. 

Sounds like something that would waste your precious time, you could have otherwise invested in reaching your daily goals, does not it? 

It sure is! 

This is where Acu Process Manufacturing comes to your rescue. 

We will implement a new feature to your existing file sharing system where the clients will be able to generate and add hyperlinks of the shared documents. These hyperlinks will be their gateway to Acumatica. From here they can access, edit, save and share their files, as and when required These links will be then attached to the user’s profile to facilitate ease of transaction. This can range from Purchase Order, Sales Order to Quality Order. These links will be available across all the transaction dashboard for ease of storage and accessibility.  

This way, you will no longer have to fret about where which data is stored or of user authentication and accessibility becoming an issueYour external document accessibility will be sorted once and for all with our hyperlinking feature for different cloud-platform solutions