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How can a pharma company increase manufacturing by 3x times? 

When people use the term big pharma, they are most likely referring to the pharmaceutical industry as a whole and not a specific medication or medical insurance plan. 

We at Marlin Steel are more familiar with “big pharma” as a reference to pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

Like any manufacturer, pharmaceutical companies must promptly produce and deliver the product to their clients. Also, like manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies constantly strive to find ways to overcome factors that impede efficiency and productivity. 

Eliminating Product Rejections with Cloud ERP 

Pharmaceutical needs to adhere to stringent standards. Companies spend considerable time and effort to ensure their products are perfect. Cloud ERP helps pharmaceutical companies save time and money by automating many previously manual processes, keeping them focused on producing high-quality medicines. 

With cloud ERP, you can streamline your manufacturing process and eliminate product disruptions from start to finish. Our cloud ERP system saves material costs by providing a more efficient workflow, giving you real-time visibility and control over your inventory. This way, you avoid waste and know how much of a particular material is available before committing to the entire load or job. 

According to the International Packaging Association, pharmaceutical companies are always looking for ways to optimize their process so that mishaps such as incomplete sterilizations of containers do not happen. The Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an ideal solution for this. 

Streamlining Production Processes with Cloud ERP 

To scale production and improve profitability, reducing the production process steps and increasing each step’s speed is essential. Factory Remote Control is a cloud ERP software solution that gives companies visibility into their supply chains, allowing seamless communication across offices and facilities. 

Cloud ERP software is maintained to help businesses operate more efficiently. One of the best advantages is its ability to streamline production processes. Finding ways to remove unnecessary procedures or to make existing processes complete more quickly is key to maximizing profitability. 

The overhead of moving bottles and jars from one basket to another creates a bottleneck that impedes productivity. With cloud ERP, processes are streamlined to allow workers to move more products simultaneously while using the same amount of space. 

Improving Life of Production Assets with Cloud ERP 

As part of our cloud ERP services, we offer a range of facilities for the improved management of production assets. Our asset management system software lets you track the lifetime use and value of all your production assets to predict when it’s time to replace them. Best-in-class operators replace their bottle baskets every three to five years, while best-in-class machine owners replace over two times more frequently. 

Production assets are expensive to maintain and replace, and downtime can cost the most in both time and productivity. Using more robust, well-designed equipment minimizes the risk of items breaking during production, decreasing replacement costs and production downtime. 

How Pharmaceutical Companies functions with Cloud ERP 

Pharmaceutical companies can reduce rejections, streamline production, and maximize the useful life of their production assets by performing preventive maintenance. 

The pharmaceutical industry uses custom steel wire baskets to achieve all of the above. These baskets, which are tailored to a company’s production process, offer numerous benefits, including: 

Cloud ERP helps you to achieve optimal performance for cleaning and sterilization cycles. 

To achieve superior results in cleaning and sterilization cycles, it is vital to ensure that contaminants are entirely removed from the items being sanitized and that the cleaning/sterilization solution(s) can easily reach all areas. Wire mesh baskets allow ample airflow and open space, allowing cleaning agents in and contaminants out. 

Full integration of cradle-to-grave processes. 

Cradle to Grave Processing with Cloud ERP 

To maximize production, efficiency must be optimized. When switching stock baskets or moving products and containers from one process to the next, wasted time can occur. But with a custom steel wire basket, these problems are eliminated. The basket can be designed for compatibility with multiple processes and removes the need for costly changes in between steps. 

Durability with cloud ERP 

A durable wire basket is critical to any product finishing process. The suitable material and design will take the stress of your product and the metal wire basket over and over again for years, prolonging its use and saving you the cost of replacing broken baskets during production. 

With purpose-built cloud ERP software from Tayana, like Acu Process Manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies can boost efficiency on the production line and save time and money. 

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