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How can your business benefit from a real-time integration?

Did you know that the attention span of humans has dropped from 12% in 2000 to a mere 8% in 2019? 


Imagine the microseconds you have to attract and engage your target audience? 

What do you need? 

An impressive and informative content! 

What gives a piece of content this quality? 


But not just any data, real-time data integration.  

Giving out data as and when required, real-time data integration has been helping businesses across industries especially the manufacturing industry serve their customer in a more efficient manner. Since the data is processed on-demand, the resource investment is considerably low and uptime- high. Therefore, the data is connected and integrated across different applications in such a manner that any change in one application is updated across the system. 


With real-time integration, your business can


  • Boost customer service 

Now your customer support executives will have real-time data in their hands such as the consumer’s purchase history, order status, payment issue, etc. This way they will be able to assist the customer in a much better way, thereby enriching their customer journey.  

  • Get better engagement 

With real-time data in hand, you will know at what stage of shopping is your consumer. This will help you take an action desired by the consumers. this will keep the audience hooked to your business and create a base of loyal customers.  

  • Gain insight and visibility 

Real-time integration provides the staff with the correct and real-time data on different issues. You have a better insight into the inventory stock, operations, supply chain, customer’s behavior. Thus, this data will help you make a more informed decision and yield long-term benefits  

  • Ensure economic data transfer 

Since unlike match integration data in real-time integration move continuously an on-demand. This thus results in the economic transferring of data across the system.  

  • Enhance efficiency 

With economical resource allocation and data moving individually, the system and the workforce function in a much efficient manner compared to before. Thus this instant access to data boosts the overall efficiency of the organization.  

If you’re planning to be digital-first business then investing in a real-time integration system is something that you cannot afford to overlook