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Make your candy manufacturing operation simpler

Candy and confections are some of the most complex products, with significant product lists.

We see many reworks, commingled ingredients and detailed ingredient requirements at our clients’ candy-producing facilities.

We have built our lot tracing and warehouse management software with your candy and confection challenges in mind.

Challenges in Candy Manufacturing Process

Warehouse Management

Keep ingredients separate by checking them into specific locations across the warehouse. In addition, designate production staging areas as a part of the warehouse. It will give you real-time visibility into your inventory and increase efficiency.

Tracing for Candy Manufacturing

You can improve production efficiency by having your ingredients issue directly into a production run, tracking each process step. This will also give you insight into your inventory through the manufacturing process, allowing you to conduct lot tracing for your candy factory.

Integrated Labeling

When printers and scanners are linked directly to your inventory, you can check ingredients before issuing them into a product. The production software will allow the right ingredients to be used.

Sugar-Free Confectionery

Increasing health awareness and concerns about fitness have led to higher demand for sugar-free confectionery and luxury chocolate. This has impacted the industry, which has made its regulations more stringent and begun to source sustainable ingredients.

Acumatica Cloud ERP will help you to meet these demands. Manufacturers must manage multiple recipes, handle several ingredient inventories, and apply quality standards.

Bulk Ingredient Management

Monitor the number of bulk ingredients used in processing and formulation. As you process materials, watch how much is needed to fill orders so that you can get more of them and adjust future bulk orders.

Quality Checking

Create and customize quality checks for your facility and its materials. These checks should be mandatory, from pre-receipt through production.

Important Features: 

  1. Get the quality and traceability you need to manage your lot and recipe.
  2. Keep track of ingredients and inventory with real-time visibility, including rework and commingled lots.

Advanced Features for Candy Manufacturing: 

Cloud ERP for Candy Manufacturing
  • Advanced reporting, processing and tracking of rebates, promotions, bill-backs & more earned at the line items level.
  • Route Manager helps you manage routes, stops, and vehicle capacity limits and automate pallet building to maximize efficiency.
  • Warehouse Management scanning can improve warehouse operations, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Route Sales, Order entries and proof of mobile delivery applications are available for all mobile platforms. These applications include features for payment processing and route settlement.

Candy Manufacturing ERP Software offers a range of benefits.

  1. Informed decision making
  2. Competitive advantage
  3. Improved business efficiency
  4. Consistency in operations
  5. Cost savings
  6. Quality Management

Some more ERP Software Features for Chocolate 

  1. batch processing
  2. quality assurance (QA)
  3. allergen segregation
  4. bill of materials (BOM)
  5. work in progress (WIP)
  6. inventory management
  7. Expiry Management​​
  8. Product Specification & Labelling​​​

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