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Deviation management system

Significance of deviation management system in place

Do you know the significance of having a deviation management system in place?

Businesses operating in the manufacturing industry like foods, pharmaceuticals, or paint have to adhere to the standards and protocols laid down by the regulatory bodies or they risk losing their job. But it is not possible to keep a sharp eye on every movement that is happening in the processing. Thus deviations happen, but what matters is how promptly they are captured and resolved. Therefore the sooner, the better. This is where having a deviation management system in place can be extremely helpful.  

What is a deviation management system, you ask? 

It is software that ensures quick and easy capturing, verification, and identification of the deviation in the processing of a product.  

Before we list the significance of having a deviation management system, let’s talk about why deviation reporting is important? 

Deviations can be of varying categories and gravity, safety, IT, environmental, accidental. Furthermore, they are important to be reported timely so that corrective actions and measures can be immediately implemented.  

  • Deviation reporting helps in staying prepared for bigger accidents and implementing the right strategy to fix them.  
  • With more data to analyze, the probability of system failure, accidents, human error, regulatory compliance decreases significantly 
  • Moreover, this helps set up safety and security benchmarks, thus keeping the staff aware of how the operation is to be conducted 
  • Reporting  thus saves the money that would have been spent on resolving major accidents 
  • Furthermore, it creates and promotes a culture of awareness in the organization 

Now let us move on to how a deviation management system can help you.  

Identify defect and check the gravity of their risk 

A deviation management system will immediately intimate you of the incident and the gravity of its impact- is it low, moderate or high risk?  This way you can monitor and come up with strategies to mitigate the possibility of any deviation in the business.  

Help your team come up with the best resolution 

A deviation management system will immediately send an email to the person responsible for attending and resolving the deviation. This will significantly reduce the time taken in identifying and resolving the deviation. A proficient system put in place will ensure quick and easy communication among different departments in the organization.  

Create a Corrective Action Preventive Action for the high-risk deviation 

A deviation system will identify whether or not the deviation was high risk- factoring source, category, description of the event, and other aspects so that a CAPA can be created for the high-risk deviations. Processing for such high-risk deviation can be streamlined with a CAPA management system integrated with the deviation management system.  

Ensure continuous improvement 

With a deviation system in place, you will be able to keep track on the deviation trend in your organization. Thus it will help you observe the processes in a new light and design strategies that can improve product processing. This will further reduce the chances of deviation in the future.  

Create a safe working and production environment with Tayana’s APM system that will ensure prompt and effective deviation reporting for maximum safety and profit in the long run.