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The Advantages of Using Acu Process Manufacturing for Over-the-Counter Products  

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs or medicines manufacturing involves making products that need to be safe, secure and healthy for the general public to take without needing treatment from a medical professional. From pain relievers to cough suppressants disease, more than 80 classes of over-the-counter medications exist in the U.S. The industry continues to grow as more consumers rely on these products to relieve minor ailments. As an OTC manufacturing company, we’re dedicated to developing name-brand and non-prescription drug products made with exceptional quality.  

The process of manufacturing an over-the-counter drug  

The production of over-the-counter medications plays a significant role in America’s healthcare system, but what goes on behind the scenes?  

FDA audits the active ingredients and labels of over 300,000 OTC drug products. To lawfully launch an OTC drug, it must comply with the OTC drug monograph assigned to it. Monographs identify acceptable ingredients, doses, formulations and labelling for well-studied drug products to be marketed to the public. Once a company develops and publishes its final monograph, it can begin marketing its product without prior FDA approval. 

Product conceptualization — this level consists of choosing positive aspect(s) and their potencies and ensuring the elements follow a relevant OTC drug monograph. The drug concept aims to achieve a desired therapeutic effect while reducing toxicity and unwanted side effects. The prepared OTC drugs must be formulated in such a way that they are safe and effective at the desired doses. 

Drugs Formulation System development — experimental batches and a substantial amount of lab testing typically arise through this level. The formula development stage begins with a review of the proposed component formulas and active ingredient(s) provided by the client to ensure they conform to applicable federal and state law requirements. This stage includes selecting active ingredient(s) and their potencies and providing the elements comply with a valuable OTC drug monograph. 

Selecting the container or closure gadgets — any plastic field device has to be tested for the presence of unwanted factors that might mix with the drug merchandise throughout the packaging. A container or packaging gadget suitable for a specific prescription drug must be utilized. Any plastic field device must be tested for unwanted factors that might mix with the drug merchandise throughout the packaging. 

Improvement specs — formal specs must be established for uncooked materials, box additives and finished drug products.  All OTC drug products must conform to the cGMP production specifications of the monograph in which they are registered. Formal specifications must be established for uncooked materials, box additives and finished drug products. The specs must be compiled concerning the requirements specified in this monograph and within the scientific, pharmacological and clinical limits of action outlined in the product’s approved labelling. 

Validation of checking out methodologies — this step ensures the accuracy and suitability of checking out techniques. When you check out at a store, the cash register will scan your items and add up the total cost. Sometimes, you might find that an item rings up at a higher price than it is supposed to be. The cashier can easily fix this by scanning the bar code again or looking up the item manually in the computer system. This process ensures that you only pay for what you buy, nothing more and nothing less.

Determining the product’s expiration date — a “balance batch” is created and tested to establish the suitable expiration date for use whilst the product launches. Once the product has been manufactured and launched, a “balance batch” is created and tested to establish the suitable expiration date for use whilst the product launches. To verify that our packaging remains strong over time, we include expiration dates and other information, such as safe handling instructions and whether or not an independent lab has tested the product. 

Product label creation — it’s vital to carefully review labelling artwork for accuracy and OTC drug monograph compliance. The Acu Process Manufacturing Cloud ERP software module allows you to create labels for packaging and labelling requirements in over-the-counter drug manufacturing. With your virtual label designer and electronic template library features, you can design and print label formats like Pump Labels, Dropper Labels, and Bottle Labels. 

Method validation — this degree ensures the technique system and operating parameters are suitable and create a product that meets all specs and attractiveness standards. Method validation has become a significant part of the pharmaceutical industry. Method validation aims to ensure that the analytical method used for development, stability, and quality control testing meets requirements for accuracy and precision. These methods must be reliable, accurate and reproducible. While it is possible to develop some new techniques in-house, many existing validated methods can be used instead. 

Drug listing — owners of OTC drug products, ought to whole and put up a drug listing shape to the FDA concerning the product they intend to release. From commercial production to pharmaceutical warehousing and packaging, APM-prescribed drugs are proud to be produced in over-the-counter capsules with unequalled first-rate and safety. We are an agreement development and manufacturing agency with a commercial pedigree of eighty merchandise added to the marketplace.

Our relatively-qualified crew is here to help you throughout each step of a contract manufacturing OTC merchandise. We’ve got vast experience bringing semi-stable OTC merchandise to market and might help inside the following regions: 

  • Analytical Insights 
  • Formulation System 
  • Commercial-scale manufacturing 
  • Packaging Features 

Our extensive manufacturing facility, warehouse, and pharmaceutical campus allow us to handle any project you may have.