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tips to build ecommerce website

Tips to build an eCommerce website in this testing time

Tips to build an eCommerce website in this testing time 


COVID 19 has disrupted the entire globe. We are not talking just in terms of health but economically as well. Countries across the world have become financially crippled. Businesses of different scales have come to a standstill. But the worst-hit has been on small and medium scale businesses, especially those who did not have an online presence.  

In this time, when people prefer interacting with the business through an online portal, if your business does not have a website or is not active on any social media channel, you are losing out on a vast consumer base and revenue.  

If the stats are to be believed, eCommerce has shown a significant spike in the post-COVID time.  The convenience and safety brought in by the eCommerce platform have led to a significant increase in the number of new online customers as well as repeat customers. What was only limited to luxury goods and services has now shifted to customer shopping basic necessary items since COVID 19 hit.  

If you have an online business, then you are good to go but for those businesses that are yet to establish their online presence, we bring to youcertain effective tips that will help you build and strengthen your eCommerce brand especially in this challenging time: 

  • Meta description 

Yes, make sure that your meta description clearly states that you are taking orders, and shipping them in COVID 19, following all the safety protocols. Because a lot of eCommerce stores are unable to ship at this time, you would be saving your target audience’s time by mentioning your service availability. Boost your traffic and create a base of loyal customers.  

  • The right jargon 

Baymard found that 61% of the top companies in the US and Europe require their consumers to find their product with the words, phrases, and the way they use them. consumers want to be able to find the products easily and the best way to do it is by ensuring that you are using the right words, phrases. You will be able to leverage customer intent and capture their attention only when you speak their language. Even the search engine algorithms are aligned this way for better search results and to boost the brand’s visibility.  

  • Live chat 

There is an urgency and helplessness among the customers at this moment. With the inability to go out to protect themselves and at the same time, looking for quick answers to their queries, customers want a quick and easy solution. You can incorporate a live chat feature in your e-commerce store. It will offer immediate solutions to their queries pertaining to shipping, payment, or any other aspect quickly, thereby engaging and retaining them for the long run.  

 If you want to build your eCommerce platform, but don’t know where to start, reach out to Tayana Solution’s team of eCommerce experts who come backed with extensive experience of helping brands, big and small, start-up, run and establish their strong online presence even in this challenging time. Divert your focus on attracting, engaging, and retaining consumers while we build and strengthen your online presence.