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Misconceptions about cloud-based ERP you should not believe

Looking for an ERP solution but wondering whether cloud ERP is worth it or should you go with an on-premise solution? 

ComputerWeekly says that in a survey done on the IT decision-makers that 53% of them considered cloud solution implementation, an important investment priority, just like CRM. Furthermore, Finance Online says that compared to the on-premise solutioncloud ERP systems are 30% less expensive.  

The statistics have made the answer to your dilemma pretty clear, we understand apprehension behind choosing a cloud ERP solution. Considering it is riddled with the misconception of varying degrees. In today’s post, we are going to help you make a well-informed decision by debunking some of the common misconceptions businesses have about the cloud ERP system.  

  • Will need redesigning of the entire structure 

If you think that implementing a cloud ERP system means you have to get all the codes rewritten from the scratch, then you are highly mistaken. All you need is a professional expert to re-host the data to a cloud platform. The system architecture will require little alterations. Furthermore, you don’t have to massively invest in the reallocation of your resources. 

  • Data will not be safe 

Because the data is stored in a cloud server, businesses tend to think that it is not safe, which is not the case. Cloud ERP system offers premium class data safety and security. Thus, it ensures that the data is accessible only to the authorized personnel. Furthermore, the cloud system comes with an automatic data backup and recovery system. This thus ensures that no matter the gravity of the disruption, you will get all your data back with a click.  

  • The subscription model is expensive 

This could not be farther from the truth. Cloud ERP system comes in multiple models that can be customized to the business’s specific needs. Thus, if you look at the bigger picture, its implementation returns profitability and efficiency. 

  • Loss of control 

No, you will not lose control of the data or accessibility by implementing a cloud server. With everything hosted on the internet, businesses tend to think they no longer will be the controlling power, which is not the truth. Thus, you will be the decision-making authority. Furthermore, it is you who will decide who gets to access the data and how.   

  • Suitable only for large organizations 

Businesses regardless of their size- whether an SME or a conglomerate can implement and leverage the benefits of a cloud ERP system. All you are required to do is select a model, that best suits your business’s requirements. What matters is the demand of the organization, not the scale.  

Now that we have cleared some of the common misconceptions about the cloud ERP system if you’re planning to implement one, Tayana Solutions has got a team of cloud ERP experts, we will help you with customized solutions. We will ensure your efficiency, productivity and streamlined business processing with our Acumatica powered cloud-ERP solutions.

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