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Manufacturing Business Development 

6 Tips for Effective Manufacturing Business Development 

Manufacturers must take on multiple roles and become experts to build a successful business. By following the six manufacturing business development tips outlined below, manufacturers can attract clients that maximize their bottom line. 

Know what your audience expects. 

You should understand your clients and what they want to develop your business. Most successful manufacturers align themselves well with their customers, so they become an extension of the company and a part of daily operations. To broaden your customer base, use market research and data analysis to explore new markets in which you can expand. 

Research the marketing strategies of your competitors. 

Sport drivers continue to monitor their surroundings, even when they are in the first place. You should do the same in your market—always be aware of what your competition is doing. If you fail to research what your competitors are doing, they can quickly make a move and take over your share of the market. Manufacturing has become even more challenging in the past couple of years. To avoid being caught off-guard by such changes, you should do all you can to stay in tune with your market. 

Make Yourself an Expert in Your Field 

Try to position your brand as an SME (subject-matter expert) in your field. Identify companies with a reputation for excelling at certain things and then position yourself as their go-to partner for expertise in that area. Establishing yourself as the foremost authority in your industry will help you develop new partnerships, attract clients, and earn more revenue. 

Maximize the amount of work you do in-house. 

Overseas shipping challenges and component shortages have led manufacturers to outsource production. However, outsourcing can eat into your profit margin. A successful manufacturer will do the most in-house that it possibly can. For instance, making parts in-house can ensure everything is up to stringent standards. In addition, turnaround time and price are minimized by doing more work in-house. 

Innovate constantly 

Market disruptors often become known for their success through a series of innovations. Apple is one such company: time after time, their innovation has led to massive paydays for the company. Innovation in your space can take many forms. You might innovate by creating a new product or service, changing the way you do business, or improving an existing product or service. 

  • Updating the manufacturing process,  
  • implementing new design tools,  
  • Improving the design of your product and introducing a new product are all ways of increasing productivity in a manufacturing operation. 

Acumatica Routing & Scheduling allows you to define custom rules for temperature-controlled goods, such as the timeframe for how long a frozen food can stay in a specific truck. This information is factored into plans for creating routes and helps prevent premature thawing and health risks.  

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