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Allergen Management Cloud ERP system for the pharmaceutical industry

Allergen Management Cloud ERP system for the pharmaceutical industry 

What is an allergen? 

Allergen is a protein that triggers an allergic cell response. The term allergen means different things in different contexts, but most commonly, it’s a protein that provokes an allergic reaction in someone with an allergy. Some people are allergic to harmless substances like dust mites, mould and pet hair. In some situations, it may be possible if the body by exposed regularly to the tiniest amounts of the substance until it is no longer seen as a threat. 

How allergen management is essential for the pharmaceutical industry 

Allergen management is an active part of the pharmaceutical industry, especially for the pharmaceutical companies suffering from labelling and misuse of their products, causing malpractice and creating an environment for new laws such as mandatory allergen labelling laws. The key to effectively implementing this program is to make it easier than not having one by automating the process and keeping it current with real-time updates. 

How to manage allergen risk in management in the pharmaceutical 

Risk management is crucial to your company’s success. Missed deadlines, supply disruptions, and operations disruptions can result in missed sales opportunities or costly delays. It’s essential to have a system that examines these risks as they develop and provides proactive solutions before it’s too late. As ERP systems grow more sophisticated, so must your risk management process. 

Allergen tracking for pharmaceutical manufacturing 

Allergen management is essential in pharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure compliance with FDA regulations. The Allergen Management Cloud ERP solution provides an end-to-end solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers to manage allergen labelling, tracking, and testing requirements. It allows complete visibility into all factory activities by providing automated labelling compliance with SAP systems, cloud-based compliance requirements, barcoding of labels, scanning at picking areas, lab management and a web portal where users can access reports on any device. 

Pharmaceutical production with Acu Process Manufacturing (APM) 

APM utilizes a cloud-based software platform that integrates all manufacturing functions, supply chain and regulatory data across the organization. Acu uses a custom-built ERP system with a cloud-based data warehouse and analytics capabilities to help automate business processes delivered through our unique Multi-Stage Manufacturing (MSM) process. This allows customers to gain an advantage in a highly competitive environment while reducing their expenses through standardization of processes and eliminating waste by obtaining complete visibility into their supply chain via real-time data, which can be used for continuous improvement efforts. 

Allergen management with pharma supply chain 

The Allergen Management Cloud ERP solution provides hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities with a comprehensive, FDA-compliant pharmaceutical supply chain management solution. The software simplifies logistics processes and improves collaboration across departments while reducing the risk of patient exposure to allergens such as peanuts or eggs. 

Acu Process Manufacturing is Tayana’s embedded ISV solution for the food industry. It enables you to track the allergen levels of your products. Therefore, you can manufacture products that are safe for the customers. It will help you consider and plan your presentation in compliance with different nations’ safety regulations. If you are curious to know details about how Acu Process Manufacturing can be an essential part of your manufacturing business, please get in touch with us or request a demo with our APM specialist. 

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