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Does the idea of integrating Acumatica ERP with popular utility in your focussed industry excite you? Or do you have to connect Acumatica ERP with the industry-specific platform? But this way you cannot sell your solution to your long-standing customers?

Due to the advent of Cloud and mobile apps, the average consumer now uses multiple apps on their devices to help them meet their various demands. We use Dropbox for storage, Outlook as a mail client, WhatsApp for text messaging, Google Maps for navigation, Evernote for ideation and, so on. This trend is rapidly catching up in the business environment as well. Businesses use function-specific, feature-rich applications to run their businesses efficiently. They use Salesforce for sales, Marketo for marketing automation, Freshdesk for customer service. There is Expensify for expense management, Avalara for tax management and, so on. The biggest challenge is to exchange information between them to get a view that unifies, resulting in an increase in cost.

The solution is to have an ERP application that acts as a pivotal system around which integrates all the specialized software. Due to its advanced xRP platform, Acumatica Cloud ERP can act as an Anchor cloud application. With Acumatica you can write integrations using APIs & web services. Due to its powerful architecture and popularity, you already have several external applications integrated with Acumatica. So, tell me why should you NOT love Acumatica?

But, is it enough et all? There is plenty of room for many more such integrations depending on the industry that you are addressing.

You are already attending to a unique set of customers whose industry-specific needs are specialized and mandatory. But don’t you wish someone could help build that all-important integration for you so that you can approach your target market fearlessly?

What do we offer?

Through our TAPP program, we can help Acumatica Partners fulfill their unique needs for integration. Our Acumatica Center Of Excellence has engineers who understand new generation technologies, trained to deliver your demand swiftly. Does that sound interesting? Talk to us!