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Mystery is History with Acumatica!

Signed up with Acumatica as a Reseller?

All of us have been reselling legacy products where innovation is a mystery. No wonder you signed up with Acumatica where innovation is their staple diet!

What do the stats say?

As per Panorama’s report, 49% of the current ERP users planning to switch to modern ERP platforms due to dated ERP applications in search of modern, futuristic, innovation focussed platforms. No wonder our existing customers are vulnerable and planning to change in search of better ERP.

Decades of ERP experience in our lives informs me that our existing customers who are presently using applications like Sage, Infor, Dynamics are in a hurry to adapt to modern ERP but at the same time, they want all the features in their present application to be available in a new platform with better usability, greater integrability, higher efficiency due to innovation. Fortunately, Acumatica’s advanced xRP platform allows us to meet our customer’s demands and ensure that they do not leave us and go somewhere else helping our customer retention-ability and ensuring zero-revenue loss. So, tell me why should you NOT love Acumatica?

All great products have their own learning curve which we had to painfully go through. Thus we know that there are many out there going through similar challenges. As a result, we founded TAPP (Tayana Acumatica Partner Program) to help partners like us cross the bridge with ease, during the tough phase.

What do we offer?

Through our TAPP offering, we can help you realize your customer’s demands and your dreams of quicker revenue realization. Our Acumatica Center Of Excellence has trained, experienced, efficient technical and functional consultants. Therefore, they can help you accelerate your innovation demands whether you are an ISV partner or VAR with Acumatica. Why don’t you talk to us to know how we can let you use our expertise with practical pricing models?