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Acumatica Cloud ERP for e-Commerce Industry

Acumatica Cloud ERP for eCommerce

Retailers are increasingly organizing their businesses around selling through multiple channels and constantly reimagining how purchases can be made online.

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides a single data hub that breaks down silos and connects ERP with eCommerce to enable companies of all sizes to manage their business processes.

eCommerce Market

E-commerce is the buying and selling consumer goods, marketplace services and customer support over an electronic network. It encompasses activities like online auctions and payment gateways. E-commerce includes purchasing goods as well as selling them.

ERP for eCommerce
By 2027, the e-commerce market is expected to reach USD 16.2 trillion. 

Why do you need ERP for eCommerce?

Global digital adoption and the threat of a worldwide pandemic have raised customer expectations about eCommerce. Customer experience is now essential to developing your web store, even for B2B companies.

ERP software, on the other hand, can optimize the following processes:

Inventory details: 

ERP systems can automatically change inventory counts and product information when items are purchased, transferred to storage, or removed from storage. This keeps customers informed and prevents orders from being placed for items out of stock.

Integrating your business’s systems through ERP can help to automate your operations, avoiding customer dissatisfaction and ensuring that inventory and accounting reports are accurate.

Order placement: 

Order-placement software can facilitate the shipping process by automating subsequent steps, such as calculating shipping costs or creating a shipping label.

Simplify changes:

While all businesses can benefit from an online sale, ERP software will help with price changes within product categories.

Customer updates: 

Customers will receive automatic notifications when you integrate ERP software into your e-commerce platform. These include when orders are received, shipped, or items are delayed in transit.


Many e-commerce companies use dropshipping, a business model in which a company sells a product online but have another company ship the item to the customer.

This allows businesses to offer a wide range of products without needing a large inventory or warehouse space.

Challenges faced by e-commerce industry
Challenges faced by the e-commerce industry

How Can Acumatica Cloud ERP Help You With Your eCommerce business?

Acumatica Cloud-based ERP is a comprehensive business management software solution that delivers a fully integrated and compliant enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It is quick to deploy, offers real-time views of your eCommerce business, and is cloud-based.