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Strengthen your business’s relationship with consumers by being transparent

Almost every business in the manufacturing industry as though their e-commerce website is set up and running at full speed.   

If I ask you what makes a visitor become a loyal customer of the website, what would you say?  

Consistent content?  

Sure, it contributes, but to build up a name of yourself in the online world needs more than just a consistent supply of content to the target audience.   

You should be posting trustworthy content.

  Source: Marketing Charts 

With the consumers getting easily frustrated and saturated from the marketing content being thrown at their faces, it is difficult to establish a bond of trust in today’s digital time. What marketers and businesses fail to understand is that to be able to win over consumers’ trust is an important and challenging task. The only way a business can establish this bond is when they are transparent in their code of conducting business with the consumers.   

Being transparent means giving your consumers all the information they want. Rendering services through a website devoid the buyer of the ability to make an emotional appeal with the target audience. This is where being transparent helps. Transparency gives you credibility and the much-needed human touch to the brand.   

Bringing transparency in your eCommerce business will:  

  • Build and strengthen your organic reach  
  • Boost customer engagement  
  • Encourage honest feedback from the customers  
  • Build trust  
  • Improved customer service  

Wondering how can your eCommerce website more transparent or where you should begin from?  


Consumers invest a lot of time researching the one product that fits their requirements. Take clothes, for example, wherein the size is a crucial factor. But if your website has them add the products to the cart, only for them to know at the checkout that they are out of stock, nothing can be more infuriating. This will break their trust once and for all. Make it a point to display the product availability alongside the product. Furthermore, it will also boost your sales if you display how many units are left (when there are few) to make customers take quicker action.   


When you mention price, make sure you are not excluding any charges, which later add up in the checkout. Otherwise, this will lead to cart abandonment. Don’t hide any price under miscellaneous charges, which get displayed at the checkout.   


Being honest about the promotion at the earliest helps attract and engage the target audience. They should not realize at the end that they bought a product for a price which they could have paid half for by applying a promotional coupon.   


Customers should be able to easily locate the shipping and handling charges they would be paying for the products they are purchasing. Waiting till the end or displaying the shipping charges late in the process will increase the probability of cart abandonment. Being upfront about shipping and handling charges will help make consumers a decision they would go ahead with and not leave the cart at checkout.