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7 Signs to upgrade your wholesale distribution software 

To stay ahead, businesses need to use technology that’s up to the challenge. Modern innovations in wholesale distribution can create a great deal of value and efficiency, but to take advantage of them, an integrated wholesale distribution software solution is needed to grow and evolve with the business. 

Upgrading to a new or trendy system isn’t always the right move, but a business that starts noticing more of the following seven signs should give serious thought to upgrading their wholesale distribution software system. 

The platform is not integrated with other useful vital platforms. 

Wholesale distribution depends on an interconnected network of moving parts, and a quality ERP system solution is essential for getting those parts working together. Most of the businesses simply don’t have time for a system without seamless, interconnected performance. Present ERP systems create a common platform for these essential systems and make them accessible to anyone in the organization who needs them. 

Mobile devices do not support all of the features that desktop computers help. 

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly important for efficient warehouse operations. But many legacy software systems don’t have mobile features that can keep up with industry standards. businesses trying to implement such features on legacy systems may have no choice but to upgrade.

The software is slow and clunky and needs to be replaced. 

Slow processing speeds can indicate hardware issues, but they can also suggest that the technology simply isn’t up to date. Even the best software has an expiration date, beyond which it is no longer cost-effective to maintain an older system when upgrading is a better option. Checking with the IT department on why the system is slow will usually reveal the problem. 

The system requires frequent updates and patches to maintain stability. 

Legacy enterprise software systems are often resource-intensive. As hardware and software become old, they wear out and replacing and patching them can be a daunting task for IT department resources. A new cloud-based ERP software solution shifts more burden of hardware updates onto the cloud provider and can help free up valuable IT labour and budget resources. Even better, most cloud-based ERP systems deploy automatic updates through the cloud with little work required on the user end. 

Inadequate access to critical data and reports. 

One of the best advantages of today’s ERP systems is that many of them are designed with data at the forefront, with robust reporting drawn from a centralized database. These sophisticated programs can prepare a vast range of advanced algorithms to sift through data for critical insights. Many legacy systems simply can’t match the centralized data and reporting features of modern ERP systems

Lack of visibility into inventory is causing supply chain issues. 

In today’s world of commerce, high-performance inventory management is a necessity. Inadequate inventory visibility within a business’ systems can create inconsistency in performance. The Issues with inventory accuracy can be a huge barrier to productivity and to a well-coordinated supply chain. Lack of coordination between different departments and other areas—including those responsible for ordering, receiving and storing goods—can cause shortages and surpluses. In turn, these problems can lead to difficulties fulfilling customer orders, difficulty filling orders and other issues. After noticing these phenomena, it is essential that a company reevaluate its inventory software to see if it is still meeting performance needs. 

Software that was previously supported by the original vendor is no longer supported. 

If a business continues to use software that’s no longer receiving support, it risks downtime and outages at critical points. Even if the system still offers enough performance most of the time, it may not be able to handle the increased volume of new features going forward. 

It’s essential to look out for signs that a piece of software is no longer fulfilling critical needs. To choose the right choice from the many excellent wholesale distribution software available, it is essential to have vital information on each step and to be able to compare them.